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South Euclid Youth Softball Baseball Association

Mighty Mites


League Director:  Thomas Denk,  [email protected] 216-297-0410

Mighty Mites

Ages 7-8 (as of 8/1) (Coach Pitch)


Mighty Mites is the next league up from Tee Ball, but it is not necessary for players to have played Tee Ball. 

We practice twice a week in May (weeknight and Saturday) and then begin the season with the traditional Memorial Day games.

Mighty Mites plays at Adrian Field, on two weeknights a week from Memorial Day until early July.  Traditionally we schedule about 12 games and then sometimes do a small tournament so teams can play an extra game or two.  In recent years, we have partnered with Beachwood and have played some games against Beachwood teams at their Fairmount fields.  We sometimes use Bexley Fields for special occasions but keep the bulk of the activity at Adrian.

In this league, the coach will pitch to his/her team.  We have players serve as catchers and play 10 players in the field to simulate traditional baseball.

We have played Mondays and Wednesdays in the past but have tweaked that slightly when managers need accommodations.  That will be confirmed ONLY when I am able to secure all coaches for the 2017 season.

This is an organized league, but we work to keep the focus on developing the players and definitely not on wins and losses.  In recent years, we have not kept score the first half of the season to ensure focus is on skills development. 

Please reach out for any questions or comments. 


Tom Denk

[email protected]