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South Euclid Youth Softball Baseball Association

Fall Hardball / SE Dirt Dawgs

We need pitchers.  
We need catchers.  
We need hitters looking to drive the baseball.  
We need Dirt Dawgs.

SEYSBA will service local fall and summer tournament teams when there are parent volunteers.

Some years, we have teams play in the fall and maybe a summer tournament.  This might be a few teams, or just one.  This is parent driven.  Currently, the vast sum of the Brush JV team and some of the varisty players played fall ball, growing each year.  Not every age group parents willing to volunteer, parents need to be willing to step up.  SEYSBA can provide them the coaching tools and know-how but at some point several parents from each age level need to make this a reality for their children.  We can guide you on registration, uniforms and team formation.  The idea is to SUPPLEMENT summer rec ball with local all-stars.  

For fall teams, we generally hold tryouts mid-summer.  This year's tentative tryout date is JULY 14th.

What the heck is a Dirt Dawg?

Dirt Dog is a name for a scrappy baseball player, one who will leave it all on the field and do whatever his team needs that day.  A dirt dog (aka Dirt Bag) is a self-starter who wastes no time on misfortune, self-pity or bad calls.  Dirt Dogs are grinding each game, pitch-by-pitch.  Dirt Dogs are willing to admit their mistakes and work to fix them to avoid repeating them.  Dirt dogs get their uniforms dirty, sometimes before the games even begin.  

I've wanted South Euclid players to have their own travel team for the fall.  Personally, I am not a large believer in the massive explosion of travel baseball and the financial segregation that it's created within the youth game.  I want local players to play together, build relationships, and be able to improve their games without their parents paying thousands of dollars.  I want families to be able to spend time together in the summers at the beaches & pools, at local events and not driving out-of-state to spend hard-earned money at a tournament.  There's absolutely some special youth players who can benefit but a lot of this is an unhealthy arms race that's leaving some players behind.  

We have created the South Euclid Dirt Dawgs so our local players can have that competitive fall experience to build their skills.  Ideally, we'd like to see our teams filled by our summer recreation SEYSBA players but we do welcome players from neighboring communities.  

Players will be pushed to improve at all times, every day.  We use the sponge theory of coaching - we keep adding until we see the player can't absorb anymore.  Some players are not used to honest & direct coaching, but we are fair and want what's best for them long-term.

Players will play wherever the team needs them.  With a collection of talent, this often means trying new posistions.  This is a good thing.

Players are constantly pushed to improve and adapt their mechanics for long-term success.  I have zero interest in watching players be temporarily successful while ingraining bad habits of technique that will not hold up as they age.  Many successful players resist this initially but they need to accept that the most technically-sound mechanics hold up as they mature in their careers, and tire in games.

Players are in charge of their own motivation and success.  I loathe wasting time on motivation, that should not be an issue for a Dirt Dawg.  
We preach MAX EFFORT on every drill and every play.  
This will be a shock to some that get by on talent not effort.

We coach players,  We do not babysit them.  Bad attitudes are sent to the sideline to not infect the team.  This can be in practice or in the middle of an inning.  Players are encouraged to ask questions or for more instruction when necessary.  Talking back or disrespecting coaches not tolerated.

We need committed volunteer coaches.  We need assistant coaches.  If there are no coaches we simply don't field a team.  Remember that travel teams keep money for coaching and we do not.  We need other parents that can sometimes assist at practice.  We have a few coaches that return each year but we need to constantly add coaches to our system.  There is no better time to be positively involved in your son's life than in these formative years.  

We all learn this as we go.  I have accumulated a large library of drills and methods to drive improvement.  This is absolutely the best time to learn baseball coaching - a golden era.  It's wild to learn how many of the old axioms we learned a generation ago are wrong.  I don't plan to coach that many more years so I'd love this to continue when my sons are aged out.  That can only happen by men stepping up to the call to learn how we cultivate our Dirt Dawgs.

Players are always accounted for - you let us know if there's a reason they cannot attend with advance warning.  NO CALL NO SHOWS are completely unacceptable and impact playing time.  
Parents will work with their children to ensure they have a plan to get to practice on time and prepared (mentally, physically, and with equipment).
Parents support all Dirt Dawgs.  We expect you to make a ruckus at games.

Contact Tom Denk for any questions about the Dirt Dawgs.
216-666-1233 (text/cell)
[email protected]